REACH NOW joins the alliance of mobility service providers and takes part in the “VerkehrswendeMacher” initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to enable more people to have access to environmentally friendly modes of transport in Germany.


The vehicle for this behavioural change is to propose a tax equation for the mobility budget, which goes beyond the benefit of a public transport job ticket and lets employees flexibly choose between different mobility options. It includes sustainable modes of transportation like the job ticket (which has been tax-free since 2019), bike sharing, car sharing and also ride hailing.


Simplifying the taxation of the mobility budget by its fiscal equalisation will be an excellent tool for companies to accelerate the use of sustainable mobility amongst their employees.


A study we conducted as part of a pilot project with 3,500 employees showed that the private car was used less and more than half of the trips were completed by public transport. The monthly mobility budget offered a flexible and more sustainable alternative to the company car.


Currently, employers still associate the implementation of the mobility budget with higher costs due to taxes and social security contributions. This also results in higher bureaucratic costs for accounting which makes it less attractive for companies to establish such mobility benefits. However, many companies are interested in introducing such mobility budget.


You can read more about the official press release from the “VerkehrswendeMacher” in full detail below (2 pages).