How to use your free-floating carsharing app in Berlin

Carsharing gives you the best of both worlds. Not only can you hop in a car and just drive at your own convenience, but you also don’t have to worry about the logistics of buying a parking pass, worrying about insurance, or refueling.

That said, carsharing comes with a bit of a learning curve. How does signup work? How are you charged?

This quick guide will take you through the basics so you can get going with your car2go or DriveNow in no time.

Sign up and validate your driver’s license
Both car2go and DriveNow charge a one-time signup fee to help cover your driver’s license validation. But you can often find offers for free minutes when you first sign up.

With REACH NOW, you don’t have to pay a signup fee for car2go, however. This fee still exists for booking with DriveNow, despite the deep link.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have to validate your license. Make sure your app has access to your phone’s camera. If not you’ll have to grant it access under your phone’s app’s settings.

Take a nice bright picture that isn’t blurry. That’s all! Validation can take a few hours. It’s important to remember you’ll need to have your license for more than a year for insurance reasons. This applies to both car2go and DriveNow.

Find the closest car on the map
In the REACH NOW app, once you select car2go or DriveNow, we’ll automatically select the nearest car to you.

Here you’ll see the cost per minute for your selected car. Everything else is inclusive (parking, fuel, insurance). Depending on the model, you can save quite a bit. Smart cars are almost a third cheaper than other sedans or SUV-sized models.

Make sure to check how much fuel or electricity is left and that it’s enough to get where you’re going before reserving.

Tap reserve and head to your car
You’ll have 20 minutes to get to your car. That should be enough if you’ve found one close within walking distance.

Reserving is free—but you can only reserve one car at a time and the same car once every 2 hours.

Rent and enter the car’s code
After getting to your car, tap rent and the dashboard panel will light up with the rental code. Input this into your app and the car should unlock.

To start the car, grab the keys from the glove compartment on the right. Keep its location in mind for later, because this is where you’ll return the keys when you’re done.

Ending your rental
Once you’re ready to end your rental, you’ll have to find a parking spot within the operating zone. It helps to check in your app where you are and if you can drop your car off.

You can see both operating zones for DriveNow and car2go in the REACH NOW app.

Parking on the streets is possible in all zones of Berlin. Make sure that you keep in mind any other rules, though, like keeping driveways and taxi stands free.

Turn the car off, place the keys back in the glove compartment and check for lights and open doors or windows.

When you’re ready, tap end rental in your app and go. That was easy, wasn’t it?

If you’re ready to give carsharing a go in the REACH NOW app you can download it on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Enjoy your drive through Berlin!