How to use bikesharing in Berlin with the REACH NOW app

With the REACH NOW app, you can rent free-floating and station bikes with nextbike. Here’s how that works and some things to keep in mind while peddling around.

Berlin is a fantastic city to bike in. It’s mostly flat, meaning you won’t work up a sweat on your way to work or home. On top of that, the city is well-equipped for bikers, with designated bike lanes on the roads and on the sidewalk—together with traffic lights for bikers.

Bikesharing takes advantage of this without having to buy your own bike or having to schlep it around when you’re not in the mood. With the REACH NOW app, you can instantly book nextbikes in Berlin and its surroundings. But how does that work? Here’s a quick overview of what’s most important.

How it works

Bikesharing works two ways: either its free-floating (individual bikes parked all over the city) or station-based. Nextbike uses both types.

In Berlin, you can leave your bike either on the sidewalk (if inside the blue operating area on the map) or back at a station. Leaving it outside a station costs an extra €0.50.

On your map, tap the nextbike logo below the search bar. We’ll automatically select the closest bike to you and show you how to walk there.

Once you reach the bike, tap rent to get your rental code. Enter the code into the computer on the back computer of the bike and hit OK. The bike is yours! Make sure to remove the sliding lock from the front wheel before using.

Ending your rental

Ride over? All you have to do to end your rental is hop off and slide the lock back into the front wheel. The rental will be automatically ended in the app.

Where you can rent


There aren’t any limitations for Berlin. Which is great: if you find a bike go ahead and rent it. Just keep in mind that you can’t leave bikes on the street outside the operating area, just at official stations.

Ready to start biking? Head to the REACH NOW app to try it out and let us know how your ride was.