Here’s why the moovel app is becoming REACH NOW.

New name, same app, but the beginning of something really big.


Now is the time to bid adieu to the moovel app. We’re upgrading it to REACH NOW.


This is the first step in our rebranding. As REACH NOW, we’ll be right at the heart of the new NOW Family that brings together Daimler and BMW’s mobility services – including car2go, DriveNow, mytaxi, and more.

The app won’t change much at first. You’ll still have access to your city’s best transport options. We’re working to bring more options to more cities around Germany.

In the future, the REACH NOW app will be the app for getting around your city, bringing everything you need together.

You won’t need to download a new app. It’s just a normal update sent over your app store. If you have automatic updates enabled on your phone, your phone should download it right after it’s released.

As always, available services vary by city. Some cities we don’t fully support yet, but we are working on expanding service to more cities across Germany.

Why the app name change without changing your company name?

Legally, we’re still moovel Group GmbH. Our name will change in a few weeks, but we’ve been working on some features that are only available in the new REACH NOW version and wanted to make them available as soon as possible.

What cities are fully supported in the app?
We have to vary what you can book and search for by city since each city offers different services.

At the moment we fully support public transport times and stops for:
Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main.

Local availability for Car2go, DriveNow, nextbike, and mytaxi varies. In the app, we’ll automatically show you if it’s available in your city.

Want to see before you download? Head to their websites here:

What will happen to my data?
Nothing will change. Your user data is still stored securely by us (moovel Group GmbH) and our terms and conditions will remain the same.