Hate your commute? Reduce it with your mobility options

Ah, the early morning grind. Get up. Pour out the coffee. Run out the door. Dive into the train.

Let’s face it. Commute time is often lost time. Either you’re inching forward in your car through traffic or you’re standing impatiently on a metro platform waiting for the train to come.

But how do we change our routine when cities seem stuck on keeping us stuck in them?

With a mobility budget, you can pick and choose which transport option meets your needs. Those needs can be pretty different depending on where you live. That’s why we think it’s best to let riders and employees chose.

Here are a few ways that you can use your mobility budget to get around Berlin: regardless of where you live.

Forget parking with carsharing
What can take more time than even your commute? Parking the car that got you there. If you find it infuriating parking in cities, you’re not alone. According to Visa, some 64% of commuters who drive find looking for a parking space the most frustrating part of commuting.

With carsharing, though, you don’t need to find a garage or pay for parking. car2go has a special deal with Berlin allowing drivers to park and leave cars in all zones around the city. Which means if you see an empty space, park in it and go. Time and nerves saved.

Get there faster when public transit isn’t an option

If your office is in a bit of a public transport desert or you work night shifts and the metro isn’t running, you might have to rely on biking or buses. Neither of which can be ideal if you’re far out.

That’s where services like scooters, ride-hailing, and carsharing come in. They can be faster than biking, especially if your office isn’t so central. They are also often fairly cost-effective. For example, a 10-minute ride using carsharing can cost as little as €2.60. That’s actually cheaper than a one-way ticket for the Berlin metro.

Bike instead of using the tram
Prenzlauer Berg. Yes, it’s very nice and hip and all that. But sometimes you might have to take a tram somewhere and that means you’ll have to wait or, worse, transfer to the U-Bahn.

With nextbike, you can just grab the closest bike and get going right away. Biking is often faster than trams or the metro since you can whisk by traffic and don’t have to make stops.

Working late? Grab a taxi home
If you’ve had a long meeting and you don’t feel like dealing with people on the subway grab a ride home instead. It might be more expensive than driving, but after rush hour it’s much faster. Spare your nerves and let someone drop you off right in front of your home.

We’re working on introducing more economical ride-sharing services with ride pooling. Ride pooling saves money because it smartly finds people along the same route that need a ride, reducing your fare.

Ready to change how you get to work and back? Head over to the REACH NOW app to see what’s available near you or your office. There you can scroll through the options and see what fits the location the best.

Enjoy your ride!