Marketing Services FAQs

REACH NOW provides agency services for your mobility app marketing. We specialize in digital campaigns for mobility apps with the goal to grow your user base and re-engage users with push campaigns and in-app marketing. Marketing services are optional for your mobility platform and can be added to your contract. You can also leverage our service if you already have a mobility app from another vendor. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise and create an offer based on your individual needs and targets.

We support you in growing your user base for your mobility app. For this, we plan, create, and optimize digital marketing campaigns in the most relevant ad channels based on your target group. To get new installs for your mobility app we execute Google and Apple Search Ads; and Facebook, Instagram, and third-party display marketing campaigns. We create a media plan for you and adjust the budget according to best-performing channels to achieve your goals.

To increase user interactions and get payment profiles and ticket purchases, we run engagement campaigns for your mobility services. These may consist of remarketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and third-party pages to activate users that have not signed up yet. To engage customers that have installed the app but are inactive, we create and optimize push and in-app campaigns.

As a one-stop-shop, we also offer the creation of creative assets for your campaigns. This includes graphics and texts for all ad channels branded with your corporate identity. This is optional to our services and you can also provide us with graphic assets for which we will brief you with needed formats and variation. Since we are constantly running campaigns for customers all over the world, we strategically and professionally build and learn on experiences. We are constantly innovating and building on best practices when we produce ad creatives.

Please note: We are not an agency for E-Commerce Performance Marketing as we are solely operating in the mobility sector.

We specialize in setting up measurable digital marketing campaigns that directly result in app installs. Nevertheless, as marketing experts, we can help you extend existing offline marketing campaigns into online channels or even draft a 360° marketing campaign for you. If you want to combine digital app install campaigns with offline awareness campaigns, let’s talk and define a strategy.

We highly recommend to have a contract for a minimum of 6 months or longer. The time efforts to set up accounts will be charged in fixed fees. You will save money and improve your overall outcome, cost per install will decrease over time, due to insights and optimization, as we can optimize the campaigns over a longer timeframe, based on learnings.

In terms of channel mix, we will discuss and adapt the strategy based on your mobility app and marketing goals, as well as best practices we collected over the last years.

We’re an agency so we charge a total price for our services, depending on the number of campaigns and ad channels executed. We usually offer a fixed price for setting up new ad-channels and license fees for app marketing tools. When we run a campaign for you, we generate learnings and insights, which help us to optimize your campaign even faster. Hence we can discount the price for campaign optimization activities that last longer than 6 months.

The price of our services is very much dependent on the goals you want to achieve. We offer a wide range of services and ad channels for all budgets. Contact us for a free consultation and checkup.

In addition to our marketing service fee, you’ll need to invest in a media budget. We recommend a minimum spend of €5,000 per month. That said, the actual media spend is your decision; we charge for this spend at the end of the month. During our optimization process, your media budget will be attributed to the best performing channels and reported accordingly.

We report our marketing activities on weekly and monthly basis to better show how users are interacting with an app. For our acquisition campaigns, we include performance metrics like cost per install, cost per payment profile, cost per ticket purchase, and return on ad spend for newly generated users on a cohort basis.

Additionally, we provide deep insights into user activities. This includes metrics such as the number of daily, weekly, and monthly active users and funnel data with signup, payment profile, and first-ticket purchase. If applicable, we can provide a drill-down of activities for all mobility service usage (public transport, ride-hailing, and car-, bike-, and scooter-sharing bookings). When generating and analyzing user data, we make sure that we are 100% GDPR compliant.

To best optimize our digital campaigns, we structure our tracking based on channel, campaign, group, and ad levels. Tracking allows us to understand the number of installs and amount of user interactions based on channels and specific ads. Like most agencies, we measure and optimize on cost per activity.

Since we are also app developers, we can integrate a tracking SDK into your mobility app and even measure campaign performance on an engagement level. Mobile app attribution enables us to link campaign data to user cohorts and respective user interactions. Because of this, we can attribute your revenue to user ad campaigns. We use this data to optimize spend on ad channels and campaigns, increasing the overall customer lifetime value. For this, we analyze the return on ad spend (ROAS) and the ratio between transaction to installs for every channel.

User engagement is key to having a successful mobility app that customers use on a daily basis. To achieve continuous engagement, we draft push marketing campaigns to engage with users based on their specific behavior and activity status. Therefore, we segment users accordingly and send tailored push messages combined with vouchers to active or reactive them.

For user groups that have not signed up for the service, we can use remarketing services on third-party-performance channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s display network.

After a free consultation and strategy kickoff, we’ll choose which digital channels are best for your target group. We usually use Google app, Apple Search Ad, and Google Ad campaigns but we also run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other third-party display channels. When it makes sense we will also run campaigns on local ad channels. If needed, we can also extend your offline campaigns (e.g. print advertising or flyering activities) to digital channels.

Yes! We collect and analyze performance metrics based on target groups. This gives us a deeper understanding of the user groups that are using your mobility app. Of course, we will share this data with you to help you define your target personas better.

As an additional service, we can also conduct customer surveys directly in your mobility app. If you want, we can target these surveys based on behavior. This gives us a wide range of possibilities, from asking users for general feedback on your service to perceptions of pricing.

Yes, as a German-based company, and a subsidiary of both Daimler AG and BMW Group, we put a huge emphasis on adhering to European privacy law. Our legal department will take care of drafting a data processing contract if needed, and also providing input for your data privacy policy.