Here’s why the moovel app is becoming REACH NOW.

New name, same app, but the beginning of something really big.   Now is the time to bid adieu to the moovel app. We’re upgrading it to REACH NOW.   This is the first step in our rebranding. As REACH NOW, we’ll be right at the heart of the new NOW Family that brings together Daimler […]

How to use bikesharing in Berlin with the REACH NOW app

With the REACH NOW app, you can rent free-floating and station bikes with nextbike. Here’s how that works and some things to keep in mind while peddling around. Berlin is a fantastic city to bike in. It’s mostly flat, meaning you won’t work up a sweat on your way to work or home. On top […]

Hate your commute? Reduce it with your mobility options

Ah, the early morning grind. Get up. Pour out the coffee. Run out the door. Dive into the train. Let’s face it. Commute time is often lost time. Either you’re inching forward in your car through traffic or you’re standing impatiently on a metro platform waiting for the train to come. But how do we […]